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MP Issue #5: Healthy Vibes (APRIL 2022)

  • Improve Productivity with Cognition-Boosting Foods
  • Vitamin C: The Entrepreneur’s Supernutrient
  • How To Safely Detox Your Body on a Daily Basis
  • Assessing the Pattern of Your Relationships Do Some of Your Connections Bring You More Satisfaction Than Others?
  • Masha Ermeeva: Using Art as a Tool to Improve Your Mental Health
  • Ali Kay: What Everyone Can Learn From Her Life And Fitness Journey
  • Yael Aris: An Authentically Awesome Person With Beauty and Brains
  • Adopting a Tool-Agnostic Approach to Problem Solving
  • Mark Cushing: Lobbying for Our Furry Friends
  • The Jaguar F-Type: Peak Performance for Peak Performers

MP Issue #4: Day 1 (February 2022)

Articles in the February 2022 issue of MP
  • Optimizing your time management with Anna Dearmon Kornick
  • Learning what a routine is and how to regain control with Dr. Angel Iscovich
  • Assessing your relationships to determine whether you're a lonely person with J.W. Freiberg
  • Getting started in the kitchen with legendary smokehouse owner Robbie Shoults
  • Learning how to lead by example with Karen Hansen
  • Leading with a focus on the ultimate mission with Bryan Buckley
  • Understanding what it takes to succeed with Josh Leyva
  • Learning how to grow a world-class industry-leading business with Ryan Gunnigle
  • Starting and maintaining your business with Daniel Ravicher
  • Moving beyond corporate buzzwords with Mark Babbitt and Chris Edmonds
  • Strengthening your bond with your dog

MP Issue #3: Year In Review (December 2021)

Articles in the December 2021 issue of MP
  • Cultural Fluency: Thriving In A Diversifying World with Melvin Gravely
  • Why Dance Will Be the Best Form of Exercise for Entrepreneurs in 2022
  • How to Start Investing in 2022
  • Is Equity Crowdfunding a Good Way to Invest in 2022?
  • The Female Entrepreneur’s Guide to Makeovers with Manna Kadar
  • Anxiety and the Very Real Struggle of Being Human
  • How Brett Newski Overcomes Anxiety
  • Paying Attention in the Information Age with Charles Chaffin
  • What Is Chronic Loneliness and Why Is It So Threatening?
  • Nikki Sharp: Food for Thought
  • Minerals: The Underappreciated Invisible Hands
  • Why Overlooking Minerals is a Huge Mistake
  • Nate Rifkin: Standing Meditation Will Change Your Life
  • Take Your Idea Generation Process to the Next Level with Samuel Sanders
  • Jason Boyce: A Top 200 Amazon Seller Gives Us Advice
  • Martin Moore: How to Be a True Leader
  • Caring Leadership and the Modern Organization with Heather Younger

MP Issue #2: Building An Empire (September 2021)

Articles in the September 2021 issue of MP
  • Dominating Entrepreneurship & Influencer Marketing With Open Influence’s Eric Dahan
  • Succeeding as an Entrepreneur and Leader with Jeff Gold
  • How To Start and Build a World-Class Business With Nothing but Grit with Beerud Sheth
  • Breaking Into Yoga for Entrepreneurs and High-Performance Achievers with Kerri Armstrong
  • Perfect Passion: Matt Chambers’ Remarkable New Motorcycles
  • Brad Benedict Talks Acting and Starring in Tyler Perry’s ‘A Jazzman’s Blues’
  • Transforming The World Back Into A Trustworthy One with Margot Bloomstein
  • Talking Entrepreneurship and Website Speed With NitroPack Co-Founder & CEO
  • Tiiga Founders Talk Baobab, Entrepreneurship and Leadership
  • Jason Horowitz Spills the Tea on Influencing as a Profession
  • Ferrari Roma Stuns With Alien-Esque Curves and Supercar Powers
  • Streaming Services Sprint Ahead at Full Speed
  • Can CBD Provide Your Dog the Relief It Needs?
  • Owl Labs’ Meeting Owl Pro Redefines Workplace Connectivity

MP Issue #1: Leading The Way (July 2021)

  • Olive Allen cover
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Personal Branding
  • Personal Finance
  • Health and wellness
  • Charity